Who made limousine?

Around 1928, a coach company called Armbruster created an elastic limousine in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Armbruster cars were primarily used to transport famous leaders of big bands, such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman, and their bands and teams. In Arkansas, in 1928, the first real limousine was built. In addition, limousines were often called big band buses, since they were mainly used as transportation to different locations in the United States by conductors and orchestras of major renowned bands.

Limousines were also used to transport equipment and film personnel and have been a frequent accessory for film actors and actresses during the 1930s period. While the limousine is not a specific model of car, several car companies created vehicles that are suitable for limousine service. The first luxury cars included vehicles from LeBaron, Fleetwood, Willoughby, Derham and Fisher. The first Cadillacs were also used as limousines.

You could rent just about any luxury car with a driver and call it a limousine.

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