What is the point of limousines?

Limousines are usually vehicles with a long wheelbase, in order to provide additional legroom in the passenger compartment. Usually, there will be occasional seats (in the U.S. In the US, called folding seats) in the front of the compartment (either facing forward, facing backwards or capable of looking in any direction). In the 1920s, car manufacturers and garages began building longer, more spacious cabins to accommodate groups of people traveling together: jazz bands, movie casts, etc.

It became a common way of transporting hotel guests and airport travelers. Once they were recognized as a clear form of prestige, wealthy people bought private limousines. The longer the vehicle was, the further away they were seated from the driver, and the more symbolically “distant” they were from “ordinary people”. And therefore, generally, VVIPs use a limousine as their preferred mode of transport for themselves.

For the most part, elite organizations, such as state governments, or large private organizations, such as taxi companies, maintain limousines. Only a small percentage of people own limousines. As it is a very expensive possession, the tendency to rent a limousine only for special occasions (such as a wedding or a party) is increasing. A fleet of spacious and luxurious vehicles offers team members the opportunity to maintain their goal and keep their game in shape.

It conveys an aura of success and planning and makes it possible to offer appropriate amenities to potential investors without the power disconnect that traveling in separate vehicles can cause. It also establishes openness and willingness to amortize an investment.

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