Can you smoke in the back of a limo?

Under no circumstances do we allow smoking in our limousines. Local statutes prohibit smoking in limousines and, in order to provide a clean and fresh interior for all our customers, we strictly prohibit smoking. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation if customers smoke inside our limousines. Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level and, given the number of people a limousine can fit in, it would easily approach Bud's asset forfeiture levels.

Just because marijuana is legal in Michigan doesn't mean you can smoke it anywhere you want. Also, unless you have a separate ventilation system in the front of the limousine, you're only asking to be charged if an officer stops you and smells you (plus, your liability would be incredibly high if the driver had a hint of second-hand smoke). You can schedule tours that include a dispensary as a first stop, but allowing people to smoke in the vehicle is a horrible idea. After all, dispensaries also sell grocery products, and that seems to be a way of offering that kind of service, while limiting all concerns about “second-hand smoke” and “you can't smoke in vehicles.”.

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