Can you buy a limousine in india?

The A-Class limousine has been released in three main versions: the A200, the A200d and the A 35 AMG. The new Mercedes A-Class A200 limousine is priced at 30.90 lakh (former showroom). Binz, a German limousine manufacturer, has a huge portfolio and, if you don't want to invest in a Pullman, you can always get one. Due to the low ground clearance and the high price of limousines in India, this type of vehicle is not very popular in India.

Although limousine prices in India may discourage you, let's take a look at the list above and see which one impresses you the most. Limousines, a trend among wealthy young people and at weddings, can be seen at high-profile events. When it comes to the limousine, unlike the Endeavor, which looks good even when stretched, the X-Trail doesn't look good. A limousine is a long, wide luxury vehicle with a partition that separates the passenger compartment and the driver's compartment.

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