When is a limousine forbidden to park on the highway?

The City is responsible for regulating. There's no gray area here. No matter the occasion, and no matter how dark the windows are, no one under the age of 21 is allowed to consume alcohol in a limousine. If you booked an eight-passenger limousine, your chauffeur won't be happy if 12 people show up.

This is not the time to try to break the world record for the most passengers in a vehicle. Your chauffeur is responsible for the safety of everyone inside a limousine. Too many passengers is more than unsafe: it's illegal. To get a quote, make a reservation or get information from an experienced limousine service, you can pick up the phone and call us directly at (941-258-955) or use the button below to get answers to any questions.

Yes, you probably know the answer to that question. There are rules for everything, even rules for limousines and party buses. The State Traffic Commission (STC) may designate certain highways with limited access as avenues. By law, avenues can only be used by non-commercial traffic.

Taxis, rideshare vehicles and certain service buses, other than school buses, are exceptions to the limitation of non-commercial vehicles. The STC is authorized to establish regulations that establish the dimensions and classes of vehicles that can travel on motorways and do not violate the prohibition of commercial traffic. In general, vehicles with commercial license plates, trailers, towed vehicles, buses, hears in processions, vehicles that exceed certain dimensions or vehicles with license plates other than those of passengers, motorhomes or combinations are prohibited. Vehicles with combined registrations are limited to a gross vehicle weight of 7,500 pounds (although vehicles up to 10,000 pounds can obtain combined registrations).

Most limousine companies do not require an onboard guardian for unaccompanied minors, as long as parents approve it. Today, the contracts of most limousine companies prohibit the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products in their vehicles. You can't demand civilized and respectful behavior, and that's all limousine and bus operators are asking for parties. The limousine or party bus company has many rules to follow in order to be able to serve you with a clear conscience in terms of safety and regulations.

Professional drivers are there for your safety and, if necessary, in a position they can fill, or you may want to start a conversation. The operation or parking of an authorized emergency vehicle, when that vehicle is dedicated to transporting a sick or injured person, pursuing a real or suspected violator of the law, or responding to, working or helping at the scene of an accident, disaster, police call, fire alarm or other emergency. You know that you are going to have a good time without considering anything other than to have the best time possible in a limousine or on a party bus. When you book your limousine service for a specified period of time, there will be additional overtime charges.

These permits must specify the period for which they are valid, the avenue or part of an avenue for which they are valid, and a description of the permitted vehicle, and must be carried in the vehicle (Conn. Vehicles or people on foot shall not use the midway strip between the highway system's lane roads, including junctions and areas beyond laned roads, for any purpose, except for official purposes or in emergencies. The limousine or party bus company wants you to have the best time possible so that you can tell people a positive experience, who will tell people about it, and so on. There are some obvious behaviors that are actually against the law when using a limousine or bus for parties.

And keep in mind that, with all the rules and expected behavior, the vast majority of limousine and party bus users don't have any problems. Second, highways were built as exclusive highways for passenger cars, and typical commercial vehicles were not intended to use them. .

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