Which limo is the best?

The longer body style makes it ideal for transitioning to a stretchy limousine. This model has been the favorite for years. When stretched, it normally fits 6 to 12 passengers. There is already enough space inside the vehicle before stretching it.

This allows for greater customization once stretched and plenty of floor space. Since it is already a luxury vehicle, the focus is solely on comfort, something that passengers love. Along with the Town Car, the Lincoln MKTs are excellent limousines. Take a quick look at some of the main presidential limousines and you'll see several Cadillacs and Lincolns.

While most Cadillac models work well as limousines, the Cadillac XTS already has the power and luxury features you'd expect from a limousine, and that's before it sells out. This means that you have to work less on the engine and on the comforts to get a good base limousine. After that, it's easy to customize. It looks a little more elegant than the Town Car.

The Chrysler 300 is as common as the Lincoln Town Car. Even before stretching it, the vehicle is the epitome of classic elegance. The full-size luxury sedan offers a longer, wider body that's made to stretch. The vehicle is designed not only for luxury, but also for speed and smooth handling.

If you want a limousine in your fleet that will give you an easy and memorable trip, this could be the perfect model to choose from. Once stretched, it fits 6-12 passengers. Limousines are already quite a lie vehicle, but these luxurious attractions take the idea of luxury to a whole new level. The sole purpose of a limousine is extravagance and luxury.

These vehicles don't exist out of necessity and, as such, they have the right to be as ridiculous and luxurious as we want them to be. While you can easily rent limousines of all shapes and sizes for special occasions and to show off, the ones on this list somehow really manage to up the ante. The same car used to transport the president of the United States of America himself, and among all the presidential vehicles over the years, this is the most luxurious and safest. It replaces the previous presidential vehicle, often referred to as The Beast.

In the late 80s, a renowned car collector named Jay Ohrberg created the longest and equally ridiculous and impressive limousine in history: the American Dream. With a length of about 100 feet, this limousine includes every luxury feature imaginable and much more. This vehicle completely rejects the traditional limousine concept and literally takes things to another level. The Midnight Rider, which holds the record of being the largest and heaviest limousine ever made (weighing just 50,000 pounds), spans 416 square feet and has multiple accommodation areas connected by stairs, including three seating areas with individual bars.

There's the regular Pullman and there's also the ridiculously expensive, bombproof Guard version designed only for the most prestigious people, such as heads of state or senior government officials. It was created to offer first-class luxury and impressive performance while at the same time being able to withstand a terrorist attack. No list of luxury cars is complete without a Rolls. Fortunately, the famous custom limousine store LimousinesWorld now offers Rolls Royce's flagship model, the Phantom, expanded 30 inches and turned into one of the most luxurious and supreme limousines in the world.

They call it Rolls Royce Limousine Phantom - VIP Edition. We would be remiss if we hadn't included this incredibly expensive and, at the same time, ridiculous custom limousine in our list. As ridiculous as it may seem, the entire concept of this limousine is very well thought out, with a beautiful and luxurious interior and an extremely eye-catching exterior. By the way, it's completely legal on the street.

This heavy-duty armored G63 is supplied by a Canadian armored vehicle producer called INKAS. In addition to the powerful original G63 wagon, the company added an integral bulletproof coating (including windows and bulletproof tires) and a large, luxurious rear cabin with reclining leather seats with a view on the TV with 4K resolution through a refrigerated bar. It also includes an impressive 5.5-liter V8 engine that sends a 563 horsepower stampede to big wheels. With a long ground clearance, the G63 limousine will allow you to go anywhere unscathed and in style.

Since determining the most luxurious limousines in the world is not as simple as finding the most expensive limousines, what follows is an analysis of the twelve most expensive limousines known today, based on their basic prices. This review is strictly limited to brands that also manufacture limousine versions of their base cars. Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan owns the most expensive Mini Cooper in the world, coined as the million-euro Mini. This one-of-a-kind limousine is not the smallest size and has a pink body covered with more than a million Swarovski crystals.

In addition, each wheel of the car has a glass in the center that measures more than 3 inches in diameter. As if that weren't enough, limousine window films contain approximately 50 grams of pure gold. Inside, the Million Euro Mini has 20 parking cameras, 30 parking sensors, 70 TFT screens and a 47-inch TV. The american dream is a custom-made limousine owned by renowned designer and car collector Jay Ohrberg.

For decades, this attraction has had the distinction of being the longest limousine on the planet: it measures 100 feet and has 26 wheels. Think of this vehicle as a luxury mobile condo. It not only has a sunbathing terrace and a jacuzzi, but also a swimming pool, more than one king size bed and a landing platform for helicopters. One of the most expensive limousines in the world belongs to the Sultan of Brunei.

Many heads of state and royals own limousines, but this one truly surpasses them all because of its opulence. The exterior of this car alone is ridiculous, it's actually covered in pure 24-carat gold and was designed especially for the royal family. As part of the Sultan's enormous collection of cars, his Rolls Royce limousine stands out as the definition of decadent. It contains just about everything you can imagine to put inside a limousine.

When people think of limousines, they usually imagine long, elegant and elegant lines that hold a lot of luxuries. The Midnight Rider is long and has a lot of sumptuousness inside, but its exterior is nothing like most limousines. Designed and built in 1986, it has the distinction of being the largest rental limousine in the world and was built from the body of a tractor trailer. This is what allows it to accommodate up to 40 passengers.

In addition, The Midnight Rider has an 1800 watt sound system, its own dance club and indoor DJ booth, three different seating areas and a full-size bar with space for several waiters. With everything in it, it's no surprise that this limousine also holds the record of being the heaviest in the world. Garrett, by profession, is a freelance writer and journalist on personal finance. With more than 10 years of experience, he has covered businesses, CEOs and investments.

However, he likes to address other topics related to some of his personal interests, such as cars, future technologies and anything else that could change the world. Read more BMW 320i Gran Turismo M Sport review Continue. Literally, there is no single standard for determining the best limousines or the most luxurious limousine. G-40 grade steel gives this limousine the strength it needs to stop great firepower, plus all of its glass is bulletproof.

In addition, today's limousines aren't simply limited to extensions of large, top-of-the-line luxury cars. The style of the Maybach Landaulet is based on a limousine model that Maybach manufactured in the 1920s, and exudes sophistication and elegance. The Rolls Royce Phantom limousine also has a full-size office hidden inside for the traveling businessman, and has been used to drive some of the world's most important dignitaries and political leaders. However, some limousines go beyond the normal standard of luxury and include a downright ridiculous amount of features, amenities, and technology.

It is part of a presidential fleet that includes heavily fortified Cadillac limousines, and three of the cars travel in procession whenever you drive to the POTUS. Like the Chairman W, the Dignity is a full-size formal car or a non-elastic limousine, although some stretchy models have been manufactured. A full-size luxury vehicle built by the South Korean company Ssang Yong Motors and is said to be preferred by South Korean and other Asian limousine service operators because of its four-wheel drive capability. .


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