Can you live in new york with a car?

It probably comes as no surprise that Midtown, Manhattan, is one of the best places to live in New York with a car. After all, it's full of office buildings, theaters, and restaurants where travelers and tourists need to park their vehicles. And it's home to the center of it all, Times Square. This one has a slightly clearer cut.

Since there are no laws prohibiting sleeping in a car in New York, there's no legal reason why you can't park your car on a public street and take a long, enjoyable nap. He answered questions from other Reddit users about his lifestyle. We've compiled a few here, edited here for clarity and grammar. What is your typical daily routine like? What are the five main things you rely on? Have you had problems with the police or with the parking lot? Access to this page has been denied because we believe that you are using automation tools to navigate the website.

If you have DHS documents that identify you as a temporary visitor and you have a REAL ID, you will have your New York State driver's license, permit, or non-driver identification card. Keep in mind that your DMV document does not expire on the temporary visitor's expiration date, nor will you have the privilege of driving in New York. In reality, there is no law prohibiting sleeping in a car in New York, mainly because it was considered unfair for homeless people to have such a law. So I guess the question that we really need answered is how much will we have to do to keep this car? There are situations where having a car will be less horrible, especially if you get a spot with off-street parking in Astoria or something, and it makes sense the further away you live from Manhattan.

The next thing to make your life easier is to be polite and respectful to the people you meet, especially if they live in the area where you hope to stay. Students from other states, countries, or nations who attend school in New York State are not normally considered residents of New York State, so they don't need to change their current driver's license.

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